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what is iwiLetter?

  • Write & send a real letter from your computer anywhere you have Internet access.
  • Just type your letter and we’ll handle the rest; we’ll print it, stuff the envelope, stamp it, and mail your iwiLetter anywhere in the U.S. within 24 hours, all for $2.00.
  • Don’t have stamps or envelopes lying around? Write an iwiLetter.
  • It’s quick, convenient, and Fun! Send someone real postal snail mail letters without leaving home!
  • We use only recycled paper and envelopes, and first-class stamps.
  • Send real letters, write online. Send an "e-we" Letter right from your computer!
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why use iwiLetter?

  • Got Bad Handwriting? Send an iwiLetter.
  • Business Traveler stuck in a room with a laptop computer but no stamps/envelopes? Write an iwiLetter.
  • College Student looking to write a letter home or to Grandma? Send an iwiLetter.
  • Family members looking to keep others aware of new announcements (babies, weddings, anniversaries, etc.)? Mail an iwiLetter.

iwiLetter Features:

  • We provide Sample Letters to make it quick and easy to get started. Click HERE to let us help you start writing.
  • Write your iwiLetter now, but select a future date for it to be mailed automatically.
  • Save all of your sent letters and addresses in your address book. Easily rewrite and mail to your contacts.
  • iwiLetter easily accepts and mails to U.S. Military addresses so letters can be mailed to and from U.S. Soldiers. iwiLetter salutes the U.S. Military, we even offered our Free Memorial Day Mail Call during the entire month of May!

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